Why Is My Trampoline Bowing? How Can I Fix It?

To ensure everyone’s having a good and safe time on the equipment, we should maintain the trampolines’ condition. However, a common problem that is often seen is the equipment getting warped. You might’ve thought in such situations, why is my trampoline bowing?

Well, it can be due to a couple of reasons. However, problems with the springs, bolts and nuts, and bad weather conditions are generally why trampolines bow.

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Why Is My Trampoline Bending?

Trampolines are fun in all seasons. Whether it be an outdoor picnic or a pool party, a trampoline is always a popular choice among kids. That’s why it’s necessary that the equipment is always in top-notch condition and that all safety measures are ensured.

However, we often see that terrible weather brings a storm upon our trampoline, and it becomes all warped.

A bent trampoline looks messy, sometimes due to the bending of the frames or the poles themselves bent. Therefore, to fix a bent trampoline, you first need to identify what caused the bending and where the problem lies. Warped trampolines occur for several reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the common causes below:

1. Expired Springs

Springs are like the backbone of a trampoline. Without them, you will not be able to bounce off a trampoline. But sometimes, when too much pressure is applied to a spring, it can lose its elasticity. This can also occur if the rebounder has become too old and the springs cannot give the necessary support anymore.

Sometimes, some of the springs come off the trampoline system, and when someone jumps in those areas, the trampoline bows. And if the spring loses its deformation power, the force is applied to the frames instead, which bend. The trampoline fails to keep its shape.

That’s why it’s essential to keep your trampoline springs in check. See if they need maintenance work done or if a replacement is required.

2. Undone Bolts and Nuts

Due to long-time use or other external factors, the bolts in a trampoline become loose. This is a significant reason why some trampolines bend. Due to the lack of tightness in their joints, the frames become loose, and as a result, the trampoline cannot take the pressure.

You can imagine the scenario yourself. When two joints are not tight enough, it always breaks if we apply force on them. Similarly, the trampoline also falls apart if the bolts come off or become loose. Besides, sometimes, the screws can get rusted and ultimately come off.

In that case, you need to get replacement screws and fix the matter immediately before your rebounder loses its shape. Every once in a while, take a wrench and tighten your bolts and screws to ensure your trampoline maintains a strong posture.

3. Bad Weather Conditions

For people who live in windy areas, our #3 reason on the list has to be your most probable one. If you’re thinking, “why does my trampoline fold up?” living in an area where heavy winds and storms make everything fly off the ground, you can guess what’s happening to your trampoline.

Trampolines are not very heavy equipment. If they’re not anchored to the ground, it’s easier for the wind to flip them off and warp the frames. Since the mat frames are very light and fragile, heavy winds easily make them fall, and they eventually deform in shape.

That’s why you must anchor your trampoline to the ground or bury the poles to maintain a sturdy structure. Otherwise, they can quickly fly off in a windy area, especially if you’ve got a mini trampoline.

4. Going Overweight

All trampolines have a maximum weight limit that they can bear. Some even give an age limit. Depending on the size of your trampoline, the weight limit on them is barely ever more than 300 lbs.

So, sometimes, out of overexcitement, it is seen that too many people get up on one trampoline. A trampoline cannot take this much force, and going overweight has a high chance in this case.

That’s why the springs don’t function anymore, and the pressure is applied to the frames and poles. It all results in the trampoline losing shape.

5. Low Quality

Sometimes the reasons for a warped trampoline are not very complex. It could simply be that the product you had purchased failed you and has inferior quality. In the case of saving money, we often forget that cheap products can very often compromise quality.

This can happen in the case of trampolines as well. You probably bought a product where the metals weren’t thick enough, or they did not galvanize it well. As a result of the poor manufacture, the trampoline soon malfunctioned and started showing problems like getting warped.

Hence, always invest in a product with good consumer feedback and reputation. It doesn’t necessarily have to be mad expensive. But make sure that you’re at least ensuring quality.

How to Fix a Warped Trampoline?

You’ve bought your trampoline with your hard-earned money, so we’re sure you wouldn’t like to throw it away without trying a fix. Nobody likes a bowed trampoline, and if it could be fixed at home by yourself, much better! But before getting to work to improve the trampoline, you must identify the problem first.

Below are some solutions to a few problems that cause a trampoline to bend:

Fix the Bolts

As we’ve mentioned before, many times, rebounders or trampolines bend because their screws or bolts become loose. An easy fix is taking a wrench and always keeping these tiny but important parts in check. Make sure the screws are not getting rusted, and tighten them all every once in a while to ensure a strong framing.

Use Sleeve Tube or Clamp

If a pole or a frame is bent, you can try using a sleeve tube or clamp to bring the pole into its original shape. But ensure you do not put too much force, as this can break the bar completely.

Get Replacement Parts

If your trampoline has a problem that is impossible to fix anymore, for example, rust ruining a frame, get replacements for these parts. Most trampoline brands sell specific replacement parts, and you can easily find them on the market. Keep spare parts with you to replace them in unsolvable situations like this.

Final Words

Trampolines are a piece of excellent equipment to spend some fun time in. They’re worth the investment as kids love to play in them all year round, and so do adults. But sometimes, a bad-quality trampoline has weak framing or wrong screws. In that case, you must get a replacement part or use a clamp to fix it.

Therefore, in this article, we’ve told you what to do if your trampoline is bent like pringles. Now, if someone asks you, “why is my trampoline bowing?” You know what reasons to give them and how you can fix them. Take care of your trampoline, and don’t let it get ruined!

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

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