Why Is My Trampoline Bending Like A Pringle Chip? Find Out What’s Wrong With It

Adults and children love a trampoline because it not only gives us fun but also helps us relieve stress. So, numerous people just install a trampoline in the comfort of a backyard. But maintaining this giant equipment is work as well as it can show many kinds of problems.

One such problem is the trampoline bending by its frames. It is not very rare to see your trampoline warped like curvature and create risks to be used. Like many others, do you also wonder, why is my trampoline bending? Are you interested to know how you can prevent it? Read below to find out.

Why Is My Trampoline Bending?

There’s probably nobody in this world who doesn’t like to have some fun on a trampoline. But to ensure this fun, we must guarantee safety and security first. If you’re reading this article, it means that your trampoline is bending. There are several dangers associated with a warped trampoline. Not only can you fall if the equipment is bent, but you will also risk further harm if no action is taken. Getting children on it can be especially risky as they will not know how to be careful in a malfunctioning play zone. If you’re curious why the bending occurs, well, there could be many reasons. The most common ones are faulty parts, wrong installation, overweight, etc.

To fix the bending trampoline, you must identify where the problem is first. Therefore, let’s look at some common causes behind trampoline bending.

Incorrect Installation

Most people like to set up their own trampolines, and this is where they sometimes mess up. A trampoline requires many nuts, bolts, poles, and metal pieces to be joined. Especially if you bought a DIY trampoline, you’d have nothing set up and must depend entirely on the installation guide.

In such a situation, it is not abnormal to miss out on one of the screws or misplace a pole in some other part of the trampoline. Due to these mishaps, many people fall victim to the trampoline malfunctioning soon, and the whole product gets ruined. Pole bending is one of the results.

Going Overweight

All trampolines have a designated weight range that they can handle. Some even specify an age range. So, if there is more weight on the equipment than it can carry, it will go through excessive pressure. This pressure can cause the poles beneath to bend.

Moreover, a weight limit is specified on trampolines because that’s how much weight their springs can carry. Springs are like the backbone of this fun equipment. Without them, there will be no proper bounce, and we will not be able to jump either. Hence, if excessive pressure is enforced on the springs, they will reach their elastic limit, and the frames can bend.

Low-Quality Product

In the current economy, everyone wants to save some money. Especially when it comes to recreational items like a trampoline, why get an expensive product for no reason? In the chase to invest in cheap items, we forget that we might be compromising on quality.

We’re not asking you to buy the most expensive product because only that ensures quality. But please remember that the cheapest items are generally cost-saving, so many of their parts don’t have a long-time warranty. Many manufacturers might use faulty materials to save costs, and as a result, your product will also break down soon.

A trampoline getting warped could also be the result of one such mishap. Maybe its poles and nuts were of bad quality from the beginning hence the hassle. That’s why always try to buy from brands that have good reviews and reputations.

Weather Effect

Adverse weather conditions can have harmful effects on a trampoline. If you live in an area with heavy winds, ensure your trampoline is well attached to the ground. Because many a time, heavy winds cause the trampoline mat to tilt extensively, which causes the poles and handles to bend.

Moreover, excess rain or snow can accumulate on the trampoline mat and cause it to go overweight. As a result, the mat will feel heavy pressure downwards, causing the frames to bend. If the frames are made of metal and not galvanized, rain can also cause rust in them. This will eventually deteriorate the frames’ quality.

Loose Bolts

It’s the bolts and nuts in a trampoline that holds it together. After a period of heavy usage, these screws can come loose, causing the poles and frames of the trampoline to become loose as well. As a result, whenever the trampoline feels a force, it will put pressure on the frames to bend.

Hence, you must always make sure your bolts are tight enough.

How to Prevent Your Trampoline from Bending?

As we said before, warped trampolines are hazardous. If your children play in it, many risks will be involved. Any accidents can occur anytime. Breaking a bone or two is guaranteed if you fall down the middle of a trampoline. So, why let the bending happen in the first place?

Yes, you can fix the bent frames with sleeve tubes or get replacement parts, but why let it happen in the beginning? Take prevention measures so that your trampoline stays sound and healthy. If proper maintenance and care are taken, no one can stop a trampoline’s smooth sailing.

Therefore, take the preventive measures given below.

Get A Good Reviewed Product

When buying any product, the price you’re paying must be worth it. You can ensure that by getting a trampoline that is of quality. It should have solid frames and poles and guarantee a long life. Purchase a product that is well known in the market. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

Get something well known to be sturdy and durable.

Keep the Joints in Check

Maintenance is a part of keeping any equipment in good condition. By maintenance, we mean keeping all the parts and joints of the trampoline in check. Make sure that all the screws are always tight. Ensure that no frame is getting rusted or becoming loose.

You must ensure the mat is in good condition, also. The trampoline should be well grounded to the surface, and no wind should be able to damage it.

Don’t Go Overweight

Going over the weight limit is something we often do. This is one of the most common reasons why trampolines see a bend. Always make sure you don’t get too many people on the mat. If all these individuals jump hard, the trampoline is bound to be damaged.

So, never ever host a party where everyone gets on the trampoline simultaneously! Otherwise, major accidents can occur.

Keep the Trampoline Covered

In adverse weather, is a weather protectant sheet to cover the trampoline. This way, the rain will not hamper the metal frames, and no wind can damage any parts either.

Final Words

Getting on the trampoline is one of the most fun recreational activities. However, maintaining the trampoline is necessary as well. Otherwise, you’ll see problems like it bending like pringle chips.

Therefore, if you wondered, why is my trampoline bending? You now know it can be due to various reasons. The most obvious is bolts coming loose. So, take a wrench and make sure to fix this problem ASAP!

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

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