Why Does My Head Hurt When I Jump on Trampoline? 5 Possible Reasons Why

We all love a trampoline as it not only helps us have a fun time, but we can also relieve stress and get some proper body exercise. However, many complain that they often experience headaches after getting onto a trampoline. The reason behind this side effect could be anything starting from dehydration to a problem in the muscles.

Therefore, if you asked yourself, why does my head hurt when I jump on trampoline? you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you all about why these headaches happen and what you can do to calm them. Read more below to find out.

Why Do I Get Headaches on A Trampoline?

Jumping on a trampoline is all fun until you get down and feel like your head is about to burst. Headaches like this don’t make the experience pleasant anymore, and every time you think of a trampoline, you’ll feel nauseous. But we want to let you know that headaches after a jumping session are not uncommon at all.

Many people experience these headaches. Although the causes behind them can be severe, i.e., something related to the brain, most of the time, it’s relatively simple. Therefore, given below are some of the most common reasons why you get headaches on a trampoline.

Tightness of Muscles

Our muscles are sensitive even though they give us so much support. One wrong force to them can make them cause us a lot of pain. One such example is our neck muscles. If you’re not used to jumping on trampolines, it is evident that your muscles and joints will not be used to the stretch.

Likewise, when a newbie jumps on a trampoline, their neck muscles, which were originally very stiff, experience tension due to the constant motion. The muscles become tight and, as a result, cause us pain. This leads to our head hurting and the muscles becoming sore.

In such situations, you can massage your muscles or put a hot bag on them to relieve the pain. If the pain in the muscles is reduced, our head will also stop hurting, as it’s all related. Moreover, a preventive measure to the problem is stretching before you start jumping. Stretching helps all the muscles of our body to loosen up, and you can feel no tightness.

Exertion Headaches

A common type of headache, which many people don’t know about, is exertion headaches. Its identity is, as the name suggests. When your body goes through some sort of physical exercise or exertion, it requires increased blood supply. As a result, the blood vessels narrow down.

Experts think that these are the reasons behind an exertion headache. The amount of physical activity one needs to have exertion headaches occur to them varies from person to person. However, in the case of trampolines, the number could be high as a lot of physical strength is needed to exercise on them.

You’ll know you have exertion headaches if you feel pain on both sides of your head. Although these head pains come out of the blue, it is assumed that they mostly appear when you do extensive physical exertion abruptly. That’s why it’s good to do warm-ups before getting on the trampoline.

Gradually increase the load on your body instead of doing it all at once. You can take some over-the-counter medicine to decrease the pain.


Human beings need water to survive. If we don’t have enough water, we become dehydrated. And the dehydration, in return, has a lot of side effects. One such side effect is headaches.

Trampolines are generally set up outdoors. You will sweat a lot if you live in a hot area or are trying to exercise on a trampoline in the summer. This sweating leads to our bodies losing a lot of water and becoming dehydrated. As a result, we soon get headaches due to our bodies lacking water.

So, before getting on a trampoline, make sure you drink enough water. However, don’t drink too much as that can make you nauseous due to the constant jumping. You’ll end up throwing up. Drink enough to become hydrated and join the trampoline after letting the water settle down.

High Blood Pressure

Sometimes, our blood pressure increases when our body goes through a lot of physical activity and stress at once. Due to the increase in blood pressure, severe headaches occur. If a person with previously diagnosed hypertension problems gets on a trampoline, chances are that this activity also will increase their pressure.

As a result, they can get severe headaches. Therefore, you must keep your blood pressure in check before doing physical labor on a trampoline.

Use of Wrong Methods to Jump

Many people don’t realize there’s a right way to jump, even on a trampoline. The way particular method of running is more efficient than the other. To get on a trampoline, you need to know how to jump correctly. Especially in the case of landing, many people make the mistake of applying extensive force.

As a result, their whole body goes through shock, and instead of the joints, the muscles go through impact. These impacts cause pain in both the body and the head, leading to headaches.

Hence, ensure you have your techniques right before jumping on a trampoline. Don’t put too much force on your body. If you play your moves right, you don’t have to wonder anymore why do I have a headache after jumping on trampoline?

Final Words

Trampolines are a fun activity for both children and adults. They let us have fun and get some exercise at the same time. However, it is common for many people to experience headaches while on a trampoline. This article gave you some of the causes behind these headaches and how you can tackle them.

Therefore, you don’t have to wonder now, why does my head hurt when I jump on trampoline? as we’ve given you the answers. But remember that if none of the solutions we’ve given help you tackle the headaches, you need to reach out to a doctor as the reason could be graver.

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

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