Why Does My Chest Hurt After Jumping on A Trampoline?

We all love jumping on the trampoline every once in a while. It is an exciting device for both children and adults. However, many individuals often reported that they experienced chest pains after getting on a trampoline. If you’re one of them, the question might’ve come to your mind- why does my chest hurt after jumping on a trampoline?

In this article, we’ll give you all the minor reasons why this typically happens. However, remember that you should always take chest pains seriously, and you must consult a doctor for confirmation. Read below to find out some of the common reasons behind these chest pains.

Possible Reasons Why Your Chest Hurts After A Trampoline Session

Chest pains are no joke. They could be due to anything ranging from severe to minor problems. However, when on a trampoline, chest pains are not rare. Many people have, once in a while, complained about chest pains after jumping on a trampoline. The reason behind the pain is hard to identify without consulting with a doctor.

However, we’ll still look at some common possible reasons behind chest pain after a trampolining session and give you some hints.

Increased Blood Pressure

Our body always needs a constant supply of blood to function correctly. Exercise helps keep this blood pressure under control. However, on a trampoline, sometimes we become too excited due to the heavy bounces. On the contrary, some also freak out and get nervous.

All these actions cause our heart rate to increase, which in return can also increase our blood pressure. This can make us have chest pains, and we must immediately seek first aid attention. But do note that this scenario is more common in adults than children.

Tearing A Muscle

If your child goes through chest pains after getting on a trampoline, they likely bounced too heavily and tore a muscle. Pulling a muscle in the chest commonly occurs if we move our hands too much or land by applying excessive pressure on the chest.

Muscle problems on a trampoline are prevalent and heal quickly, so there is no need to worry. However, please make sure to consult a doctor and get the patient checked to be sure.


Although rare, due to the unusual movement of the body, many people experience heartburn while trampolining. Heartburns generally occur when your stomach acid goes into your esophagus. Due to wrong techniques and exercises used on the trampoline, or just eating wrong before jumping on it, you might cause yourself some heartburn and chest pain.

Therefore, these were some minor reasons you could experience chest pain during your session on a rebounder. However, remember that the source of chest pain could be anything starting from your lungs to your heart. So, it is always best to check with a doctor if the pain isn’t resolved soon.

Final Words

Trampolines always give us an enjoyable time. They are fun to jump on and also let our bodies get some exercise. But sometimes, many people experience pain in different parts of their body after getting on a trampoline, their chest being one such part.

You might have wondered, why does my chest hurt after jumping on a trampoline? In this article, we’ve given you all the answers. Still, make sure to always seek medical attention if the pain is severe or does not resolve fast.

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

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