Why Do Sailing Catamarans Have Trampolines? The Real Reason Behind It?

Catamarans are an aesthetic boat to have if you’re a person who’s into cruising. It has many parts, like the bowsprit, foredeck, helm, etc., that draw curiosity. One such part is the trampoline at the front, which has many exciting uses. We all love to lie down on the trampoline and enjoy the pretty views.

But why do sailing catamarans have trampolines specifically? Is it only there to enhance the beauty? Then why do other boats, like a monohull, doesn’t have it? Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll tell it all to you. But first, let’s know some interesting facts about a catamaran.

How Is A Catamaran More Beneficial Than A Monohull?

Although the names are vastly different, a catamaran and a monohull are the same categories of boats, with some significant differences between each. If you’re confused about which ship is better, you must first consider your needs. The major difference between a catamaran and a monohull is the number of hulls.

That’s right! Catamarans have two hulls at the front, while a monohull has only one. This allows the catamaran to be geometrically more balanced in the sea than a monohull. It’s between the hulls of the catamaran where the trampolines go.

Besides, a catamaran would be better if you’re planning to sail on the boat for a long time or travel with family. It has more space and provides better maneuverability. A catamaran is definitely more powerful as a boat than a monohull, and you can go for long cruises on it.

Why Do Catamarans Have A Trampoline?

Whether sailing in a catamaran is familiar to you or not, you might have seen trampolines very casually attached at the front of this boat. Most passengers use the trampoline to enjoy the view or have a drink. But none of us ever wonder if there’s a specific reason for the trampoline to be there. Many even assume it’s just there for beauty.

However, guess what! There are actual technical reasons why trampolines are placed by the bow in a catamaran! It’s not there just for people to chill or hang out. It has some particular reasons related to the boat’s sailing, and these trampolines help the ship move better. We have noted those reasons down below.

1. Drainage

When the boats move into the sea, they face large waves. In such situations, if the water gets onto the boat’s bow and starts collecting, the tide will bury the boat down and drown. A trampoline is generally made in a mesh pattern that allows the waves hitting the boat to drain through.

As a result, no wave can touch the boat and weigh it down. Instead, it is immediately allowed to pass through the holes of the trampoline. If the water had gotten on the deck, the boat would have a risk of flipping over, and it could be dangerous to sail in a tense sea.

2. Fix the Center of Gravity

The mast does not allow the boat’s center of gravity to be in the middle. If there were no trampoline, the risk of the boat weighing downwards would’ve increased, and it would be hard to keep it balanced. However, a trampoline balances this weight and keeps the center of gravity in the middle.

The boat stays balanced in the middle of the water, and the chances of losing balance are less.

3. Provide Better Space for Accessibility

In a catamaran, if the trampoline did not exist, the space between the two hulls would’ve been completely empty. Not only would this bring an imbalance in the weight distribution, but it would also make it hard to access the sail above the hulls. A trampoline in the middle provides better space to set up the sail, and reaching out to it is also easier.

You can stand on the trampoline to tie the sailing ends and alter their settings. Being able to do this is very important for a sailing catamaran.

Therefore, these were the main reasons a trampoline is set up in a catamaran. It fills up the space between the two hulls, and the deck has better mobility and space. Trampolines are also always very lightweight, so there’s no worry about adding extra mass to the boat.

Benefits of Having a Trampoline on A Catamaran

Although the trampoline has its technical reasons to be on the boat, it also proves to be beneficial in all other aspects. Some of the pros of having a trampoline at the bow of your ship are discussed below.

1. Space to Hang Out

Most people on catamarans don’t let their trampolines be. Especially if you’re cruising, everyone loves spending quality time sitting on the trampoline and having a drink. The view of the waters from there is fantastic, and you can spend hours there looking at an uninterrupted view of the ocean.

2. Better Speeding Scope

If you had a monohull, the front of your boat would’ve had a deck made with heavy material. This kind of deck would provide a lot of wind resistance which would, in return, prevent the boat from speeding. However, with a catamaran, the bow of your boat only has a trampoline that has little to no wind resistance.

So, it’s much easier to increase the speed on these boats.

3. Expand the Area

We’ve already mentioned this before, but the best part about having a trampoline is it makes your boat bigger! With a trampoline, you now have a full-blown deck at the front where you can enjoy the views with friends and family. More people can fit in, and the boat gets much more space.

Final Words

Catamarans are amazing boats to take on a cruise. People spend months on it cruising the world. If you’re thinking about getting on one, you might want to know the boat from A to Z. One such part it has is a trampoline at the front, the purpose of which we often overlook.

Why do sailing catamarans have trampolines? What are its uses? In this article, we’ve answered all those questions. Not only does the trampoline save the boat’s bow from drowning risks, but you also get a cozy space to relax.

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

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