Why Do My Legs Hurt After Jumping on A Trampoline?

When we see a trampoline, it’s hard to resist jumping on them. It’s a piece of lucrative equipment for people of any age. But being new to trampoline exercises, we can often feel pain in our bodies. A common pain among them is in the legs or our feet.

If you’re one of those who felt this ache, you might have wondered, why do my legs hurt after jumping on a trampoline? Well, the reasons are very simple, and in this article, we’ll let you know about it all. Read more below to find out.

Causes Behind Leg Pain After A Trampoline Session

Trampolining is always supposed to be a fun and exciting experience. Many people also like to exercise on it as it gives you more output than the input you have to give in as physical labor. But this experience is not always as exciting as sometimes we go through physical consequences after getting on a trampoline. Leg pains are common among such.

But why do these leg pains occur? Let’s take a look at the possible reasons below.

More Exertion From the Legs

When we walk on land, our legs pick up the feet from the same level every time. But when jumping on a trampoline, the mat swoops in when facing your feet’s pressure, and the surface level drops every time. The more you jump, the more this level drops further down below due to higher forces being applied.

As a result, the effort your legs have to put in to get your feet back up also increases. It is almost like getting your feet out of sand or mud. Therefore, this extra labor results in your muscle tissues breaking, and you feel pain in your legs. But this is a good pain as your muscle tissues will now grow again to be tighter and more flexible.

Hence, the next time you jump, you will not feel the pain as your legs will have gotten used to this exercise. Note that this is common for most activities in the world, that the first few times we try it, our body hurts.

Tension in Ankle

If you’re trying trampolining for the first time, your legs, feet, and all other parts will not be accustomed to the strain. One such example of this is your ankles. When we first start jumping on a trampoline, our ankles are very sturdy and not used to the constant pull that the exercise requires.

That’s why many people end up causing extensive ankle tension, resulting in a muscle pull there. You then feel a pain in the ankles which moves on to spread to your entire legs.

Muscle or Joint Tear

Although this is the worst-case scenario, pulling a joint or tearing a muscle in your legs is possible when on the trampoline. Many people put excess pressure on their thighs, heels, or ankle and break a joint. They experience great pain in their legs, and we recommend seeking medical attention immediately.

Final Words

Why do my legs hurt after jumping on a trampoline?

Trampolines are always fun to spend some quality time at. Both adults and children enjoy it all the time. But injuries on a trampoline are not uncommon, either. One such case is feeling leg pain or muscle pain.

In this article, we’ve given you all the answers. If your pain does not decrease after applying first aid, reach out to a doctor immediately and get yourself checked. The reasons might be more severe than assumed.

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

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