Why Do My Kidneys Hurt on a Trampoline?

Many people prefer having a good trampoline outdoors to exercising at a gym. It is very beneficial for our body and lets us get some fresh air as well. But sometimes, these sessions become a headache if we feel pain in unusual places like our kidneys.

You might’ve wondered, why do my kidneys hurt on a trampoline?

Well, the reasons could be very simple. In this article, we’ll tell you all about kidney pains after a rebounding exercise and what you must do in such situations.

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Possible Reasons Behind Your Kidneys Hurting After Trampolining

Trampolines are supposed to be a fun exercise session. They make us put in minimum labor and, in return, keep our bodies very fit and our muscles strong. Trampolining is actually a better exercise than running.

But it must not be a good experience if getting on a trampoline affects your body badly and makes you feel pain.

In case of kidney pains, you’ll feel them on the left and right sides of your lower back towards the spine. If trampolining gives you pain in the kidney area, it’s a matter of concern as feeling pain there after this exercise is very rare. You must immediately consult a doctor.

But still, for your better idea, we’ll list some of the possible causes below why you might get the pain thereafter trampolining or performing any heavy exercise:

Pre-Existing Conditions

It is very much possible that you have developed kidney stones in your kidney or there is any other minor problem in it. That’s why you did not feel any pain when you were moving around normally. However, while trampolining, pressure can fall on different parts of our body.

And if you keep jumping for a long time, your body will feel exhausted, and it might start hurting due to your pre-existing conditions. Your body will finally react to the problem and give you pain in the kidney area.

You Have Rhabdomyolysis

Although this is very rare, excessive physical exercise can bring about a rare condition called Rhabdomyolysis or Rhabdo. When you exhaust your body up to such a level that it pushes your muscle tissues to break down, the condition is named Rhabdo.

In Rhabdo, our muscle tissues exhaust themselves and break down to release protein molecules that can heavily damage our kidneys.

This condition is not only caused by heavy exercise but also by alcohol consumption, medicine side effects, etc. Consult a doctor immediately if you get symptoms like brown urine, muscle soreness, or a weak feeling.

The condition is not very serious or uncommon if treated immediately.

Final Words

Many people like to exercise on a trampoline because of its benefits. However, sometimes it causes us pain in unusual places like our kidneys which is a matter of concern. If you went through the same pain and wondered why do my kidneys hurt on a trampoline, we gave you all the answers in this article.

Hence, now, if you get kidney pain after jumping on a trampoline, you know you might be getting rhabdo or hurt muscle tissue. Consult a doctor immediately and get treatment for your condition. You never know when minor issues can become serious!

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

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