Why Do Mormons Have So Many Trampolines? Is It a Myth Or Fact?

Mormons or families of the LDS Church have always been known to be a tight-knit community. And recently, there has been a weird and preconceived notion about them that they all have a lot of trampolines. Well, why do Mormons have so many trampolines?

In this article, I will give you all the answers and debunk some crazy myths about this topic. Read more below to find out:

The Widely Known Myths Around Mormon Families and Trampolines

Trampolines are a piece of excellent equipment to have for all recreational activities. Many families have them in their backyard, and children love to spend time jumping on a trampoline on a sunny day.

But it has come to my attention that the members of the LDS church, more commonly known as Mormons, have been widely associated with trampolines.

During my research, I’ve seen people claim that almost all Mormon families own a trampoline. Moreover, they’ve also assumed that all these families always have more than an average number of kids, so they buy trampolines. I mean, where’s the relation between these two things?

Someone assumed that LDS church families use a trampoline for religious rituals. Apparently, jumping on a trampoline makes them get closer to God. I have no idea where the logic came from to make this assumption. But all I know for sure is they’re not true.

Maybe statistically, on average, Mormon families have a slightly higher number of children. But that’s because they firmly believe in building a family and creating unity. It plays no role in getting a trampoline. The “getting closer to God” thing through a trampoline is far from the truth.

Mormon people believe in no such crazy things, and a trampoline is just recreational to them, just like any other community member. So, why is it commonly seen that many LDS families have a trampoline? Let’s take a look below.

Real Reason Why Mormon Families Own Trampolines

The real reason behind all this fiasco is simple: culture. Mormon families don’t have a specific tradition of owning a trampoline. But they’re mostly very athletic and believe in spending quality time through sports and other activities. Hence, it’s a mere coincidence that many of them end up owning a trampoline.

Children love trampolines, and some of them like to use them as recreational equipment for their children. Now, why do so many families at once end up having a trampoline?

No one knows the exact reason for this, but it is assumed they have such a tight-knit community that if one family gets a trampoline, the word spreads around fast.

As a result, more families end up getting the device as well, and it’s all a coincidence.

Final Words

Everyone — not just Mormons, loves trampolines. Because they have such a close community, children spend time at each other’s homes playing and end up asking for a trampoline from their own parents. It’s all a coincidence.

If you were one of those curious people like me and wondered why do Mormons have so many trampolines, this article has debunked all the theories for you. Mormon families love trampolines like everyone else and have a fantastic time with them through fun outdoor activities.

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

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