Why Do Feet and Calves Tingle When Jumping on Trampoline? 3 Reasons Why

Everyone loves a good jumping session on the trampoline at a workout session. However, jumping on this equipment sometimes causes us minor but uncomfortable inconveniences like feeling pins and needles sensation. It mainly occurs in the feet and thigh area. But why do feet and calves tingle when jumping on trampoline?

Are there any specific reasons behind this tingling? In this article, we’ll give you all the answers. Read below to find out:

Reasons Why Your Legs Might Tingle on a Trampoline

Trampolines are a great way to get some exercise done with maximum output. Experts say it’s great cardio, keeps our muscles fit, and helps maintain good metabolism.

Some even say it’s better than running! But exercising on a trampoline can sometimes take a toll on us when we feel tingling on our legs, especially our feet.

There is nothing serious going on with tingling typically. You don’t have anything to be worried about. But let’s face it, it’s extremely annoying. No one likes the pins and needles sensation when they’re busy jumping. So, in what situations can this condition happen on a trampoline? Let’s find out:

Muscles Expanding

When we exercise, blood flow in our body highly increases. In order to adapt to this increased blood flow, our muscles generally expand. These larger size muscles now put pressure on the nerves and create a lack of blood flow there. As a result, we cannot feel our calves or feet anymore.

Tingles always happen due to a lack of proper blood flow. So, whenever you feel this sensation, you must realize that something is putting pressure on your blood vessels, obstructing them from flowing smoothly. In the case of trampoline exercise, muscle enlargement can be one of the causes.

Tight Shoes or Pants

If you’re wearing highly tight sports shoes or pants, it can create pressure on your legs. Especially in the case of shoes, it is very much possible. Excessive tight shoes can restrain our feet and create immense muscle tension, preventing proper blood flow in the area.

It then results in the pins and needles sensation, and we no longer feel comfortable jumping. Hence, ensure you wear cozy accessories and outfits before hopping on a trampoline. They should not be the cause of your tingling inconveniences.

Lack of Minerals or Water

Minerals in our body ensure healthy muscles and proper nerve function. They also control hydration levels. However, when we exercise, our body loses high amounts of water, and we become dehydrated. An imbalance in the mineral count can also occur.

All this affects the muscles’ movements, impacting the blood flow. Hence, we feel the tingling. So, you must get on the trampoline adequately hydrated.

Final Words

Trampolines can get uncomfortable if we face inconveniences, such as the pins and needles sensation. Feeling it in the leg area is very common. But why do feet and calves tingle when jumping on trampoline specifically? By reading this article, you now have all the answers.

If you feel this sensation again, just give your feet a good shake, and it should be gone. But consult a doctor if the feeling persists, and you cannot resolve it.

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

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