Why Aren’t Owners Responsible for Flying Trampoline? In What Cases Will They Be Liable?

Recently, a new kind of accident has been happening: trampolines flying away. It generally occurs during heavy storms or winds, and many people suffer damage because of it. Trampolines falling on cars outside are the most common.

However, in such situations, it must be frustrating for you to find no one to hold responsible because owners are very often not held liable as the accident happened due to natural disasters. But why aren’t owners responsible for flying trampoline? What exactly causes this trampoline always to fly away? Read below to find out:

Why Trampolines Fly Away?

Trampolines flying away are a huge hazard — more for the sufferers due to the damage than the trampoline owners themselves. Because it was an “Act of God,” they had no intention to cause it. But if a flying trampoline came through the air during a tornado and ruined your property, it’s not your fault either.

Well, why exactly does this accident happen that causes so much trouble to people? What’s the cause behind so many trampolines flying away so often? Let’s take a deeper look into it:

The Area You Live in

For a trampoline to fly away in the neighborhood, remember that the winds need to be ultra-strong. Trampolines are very light material, so they have barely any weight. But it’s still a giant piece of equipment, so a storm is needed to make it fly away.

If you live in an area where heavy winds are standard, or you get tornadoes, you can expect a trampoline flying away now and then. Of course, the owners should take more responsibility for ensuring this doesn’t happen. But expecting everyone to be a responsible citizen would be foolish.

Empty Space Beneath the Trampoline

Another reason why it’s so easy to make trampolines fly away is that it has such space underneath them. This causes air to go down that empty area and give more push to the equipment, eventually resulting in it flying in the air.

Cases Trampoline Owners Might Be Responsible in

We know it becomes a huge hassle when your property worth thousands of dollars gets damaged due to a mere trampoline. On top of that, dealing with the insurance company is frustrating if the trampoline owner is unwilling to take responsibility. They usually say it’s due to the storm, and none of it is their fault.

However, there are cases when this excuse doesn’t work, and the trampoline owner has to take liability. It is when the owner did not make sure that the was safely placed and anchored to the ground.

We have seen in many cases that owners have had to pay for the damages if they were aware of the heavy winds but did not secure their yard equipment tight enough. Although it differs from case to case, if your accident’s trampoline owner did not make sure to ground their trampolines, they could be held responsible.

Final Words

Trampolines are a piece of fun equipment for many. But for some, they become an enemy as they come off flying during a crazy storm and ruin your vehicle.

It gets frustrating dealing with the damages and finding answers on who is responsible for it. But why do trampolines fly away? Why aren’t owners responsible for flying trampoline more often?

In this article, we’ve answered it all for you. Therefore, if you’re one of the owners, you must anchor your trampoline well not to cause damage to anyone else.

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

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