Why Are Rectangle Trampolines More Expensive Than Round Trampolines?

Trampolines are fun for both adults and children. We all love to spend time on a trampoline and relax our bodies a bit. But there are two types of trampolines that we generally see, rectangular and round ones. Rectangular ones are for professional trainees and cost high. On the other hand, round trampolines are more readily available and do not cost as much.

Why does this price difference exist? What makes rectangular and round trampolines different from each other? Why are rectangle trampolines more expensive than round ones? In this article, we’ll give you the answer to all these questions. Please read below to find out.

Why Do Rectangle Trampolines Cost More Than Round Ones?

If you’re new to the world of trampolines and want to purchase one, you might be confused about the differences between a round and a rectangle trampoline. Especially in the case of pricing, you might have noticed that rectangles cost much more than round ones.

Why a price difference when both look almost the same from the outside? You have all the right to know why this disparity occurs because buying a trampoline is an investment. You should get a product worth the price and something that meets your needs. For that reason, we’ll tell you all about why rectangle trampolines are more expensive.

Check out the reasons below.

More Bounce

You might be surprised to know that one of the significant differences between a rectangular trampoline and a round one is the bounce they give. Rectangular ones are designed to provide higher bounces as they are built for professional athletes. On the other hand, round ones are for regular home use and children, so they are not as bouncy as rectangular ones.

And the reason behind these higher jumps is that you can jump from any point on a rectangular trampoline. Only specific springs positioned at that point will help you jump. There are several springs spread all over the space. However, the highest jumps are achieved only from the center on a round trampoline. All the springs in the round rebounder work together to give the bounce.

And since all the springs are continuously deforming, they wear out sooner. Whereas more quality springs are used in rectangle trampolines, and setting them up in the right setting requires more cost, so making them is more expensive.

Besides, manufacturers get another free hand to increase the prices as there are more benefits in terms of bounciness for rectangular trampolines.

More Materials Used

Another significant reason behind the high cost is the number of materials used to build a rectangular trampoline compared to a round one.

Due to the convenient shape of round trampolines, it’s much easier to balance them than rectangular ones. Hence, a lot more steel is needed to build the framing of a rectangular trampoline and balance them when put beside a round one. These products need to be sturdier and require much-added support underneath.

To provide this support, manufacturers need to use more metal and other materials to build concrete support. That is why creating a rectangular trampoline costs much more than creating a round one. As a result, brands also need to charge more when selling rectangular ones.

Greater Overall Quality

It is already known to everyone who is a veteran in the trampoline business that rectangular trampolines are more high-maintenance than round ones. And this is not even a new fact. Since decades ago, rectangular trampolines have been known to be more expensive because they are fancier and of outstanding quality.

The materials used in a rectangular product always maintain the standards as they are made for professional athletes and people who use a trampoline for training. The framings in these products are sometimes double galvanized, whereas a round one barely gets one. Moreover, the frames in rectangle trampolines are stronger.

You’ll often see that round trampolines become warped like a pringle for no reason. That is because the materials used in these products are not always up to the mark. However, in the case of rectangular trampolines, situations like this are ever noticed because every metal, mat, spring, bolt, etc., used here promises quality and durability.

So, this quality also comes with a price, and that’s why rectangular trampolines are more expensive.

Less Easy Production

Did you know that it is more complex to design a rectangular trampoline than it is with a round one? Round trampolines are very easy to balance due to their shape. However, rectangular ones need more intricate weight distribution and support to create a steady field.

Hence, better framing and positioning of springs are needed in rectangular trampolines. You also need to take care of the corners here to ensure that the height reached from all corners is equal. Therefore, the process of creating a rectangular product is not as easy as it is to create round ones. That’s why the price is also a bit more.

Not In Mass Production

Rectangular trampolines are made for athletes, people interested in professional training, gymnasts, etc. They need to be well curated to make sure the users get to comfortably practice their techniques on the trampoline without worrying about external factors. The quality of the trampoline should be on a professional level.

Hence, brands don’t make rectangular models in mass production to ensure quality.

On the other hand, round trampolines are readily available from numerous brands in numerous sizes and prices. This is because these products are made for a large number of consumers who like to use trampolines now and then for recreational purposes.

Many brands make many versions of round trampolines. Its supply in the market is more than rectangular ones, and brands compete to sell their products. That’s why the price of the round ones naturally falls. On the contrary, the supply of rectangular ones is less comparatively, hence, the higher price.

More Space and Efficiency

If you compare two products of the same size, just the shapes being different, you’ll notice that a rectangular trampoline gives you more space than a round trampoline. Moreover, you can jump equally high from all points of a rectangular trampoline, unlike a round one.

To accommodate this greater space and jumping benefits, costing to make a rectangular product becomes greater. That’s why the price increases as well. You get more plastic mats, metal, springs, etc., to make up for the extra space and hence the added cost.

Therefore, these were some reasons why the price of rectangular trampolines is higher than round ones.

Final Words

Trampolines are fun equipment that is used in both recreation and sports. Generally, two kinds of trampolines are commonly seen, and they mainly differ in shape, i.e., rectangular and round. Many wonder, why are rectangle trampolines more expensive compared to the other types on the market?

Well, in this article, we’ve explained to you that they’re more expensive due to their quality, added strength, and efficiency. Even though the price is slightly higher, if a rectangular trampoline meets your requirement, we recommend you should definitely buy it as it excels in all fields. The benefits of a rectangular trampoline make it worth the price.

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

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