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Here at Jumpjoey, we aim to offer you the most relevant information regarding all the things that you would ever want to know about trampolines. When we say all the things, we mean everything. That includes the problems you can face with these fun little exercise equipment over time.

Along with that, you can get information regarding the most interesting topics that revolve around the trampoline world. Jumpjoey is basically a one-stop website for all the things related to trampolines.


When it comes to the problems that Jumpjoey will address, you can be assured that you will get a straight-cut solution. We are here to make things easier for you, not to put pressure on the pain.

But what makes our guides a trustworthy source to get solutions for the problem that you are facing? Well, the solutions that we will provide are either from experience or from a first-hand source. First, let us explain the solutions that we provide from experience.

We at Jumpjoey are a team of an author and editors. All of us have a vast amount of experience with trampolines. In fact, we live and breathe trampolines! Nevertheless, as we have been handling different trampoline setups for years, we have personally encountered loads of issues with trampolines.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the equipment, we have managed to fix most of those issues ourselves. And we relied on experts for the ones we could not solve. That is exactly where our first-hand source comes into play.

With these experts, we have proper knowledge about the most common problems you might face while using the trampoline.

Another noteworthy thing about our guides is that they will contain true-tried information. We will not talk about solutions that we did not try for ourselves. So, you can understand how reliable our guides actually are.


We talk a lot regarding trampolines. The way they work, the setups, and all the physics involved with the equipment. And we definitely do not want to keep all these interesting discussions to ourselves. That is why you will find a good number of posts regarding different topics of trampolines on Jumpjoey.

However, none of the discussions or the topics we will discuss will be random. If you are really interested in trampolines, those will provide you with valuable information.

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Welcome to JumpJoey! We talk, write, and work on Trampolines.

James L. Phelps

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Hello, I am very pleased to get the chance to talk with you. You might not be able to tell it, but my team and I become the happiest persons on earth when you get benefited or a more knowledgable person after reading through our posts. That totally aligns with what we are aiming for with JumpJoey.

However, we will be happier if you stick around. I, James L. Phelps, have loads of things to share with you. And I can assure you that everything I have in store will make you a more knowledgeable person in terms of trampolines. So, if you have not bookmarked JumpJoey yet, you should click on the bookmark option right away!

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